Expert Intellectual Property Oversight Services

AAS Licensed Properties Management, Inc. offers a number of intellectual property oversight services.

Financial Oversight for Contractual Relationships

  • Conducting in-person examinations of license royalty payments
  • Categorizing existing contracts based on key terms
  • Establishing a schedule for reviewing licensed royalties

Financial Advisory Services for Licensing

  • Assessing compensation before agreements are finalized
  • Utilizing financial modeling to assess potential licensees
  • Conducting a comprehensive financial review of proposed projections from licensees

Licensee/Licensor Reporting Evaluation

  • Analyzing licensee/licensor royalty reports to extract additional financial and marketing insights
  • Creating concise key indicator management summaries
  • Identifying trends in product sales

Our Expertise

We take a hands-on approach to cultivating profitable, enduring business relationships for our clients. Our licensing expertise covers various industries, including:

  • Art, fashion, and design
  • Biotechnology and telecommunications
  • Copywriter characters and merchandising
  • Corporate brands and trademarks
  • E-gaming and multimedia
  • Patents
  • Professional sports
  • Special events
  • Strategic business alliances
  • Technology transfer
  • Utilities and natural resources
  • Conveyances

Reach out today to discuss your intellectual property needs and how our expertise can benefit your business.